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[LOG] And so, you give in.

Who: Asano Rin (revengeisalie) and Abarai Renji (hangingdogstray).
Status: Ongoing, closed.
Style: Prose, present tense.
Where: Hisato.
When: After this; Week 5, Day 2.
Rating: PG, probably.
Warnings: HUNGRY RIN None, so far.

It is afternoon in Hisato. A warm, friendly day: with a breeze gently blowing through the streets, making the treetops in the orchards sway. The village, however, it is rather big and sprawling, and there aren't enough people by far to occupy it all. So this part, right now, is deserted. If you cared to pass by and have a look, you would see empty houses made of wood, clay and paper. Some look like residences, some more like they'd once been shops. Or were supposed to be shops; facsimiles, if you will. Some of those have a bench in front of them, and on one of these benches is a girl.

A girl?

Right, a girl. She is sitting there, fitting perfectly into her background: black hair, small, and Japanese features, if you can see them, with the way her head is bent. Nondescript cotton kimono with a simple pattern. Back and head bowed over her lap and the ground, and her hands are busy pushing fruit into her mouth. Somewhat uncouth slurping noises emanate from her. Occasionally, fruit juice dribbles down her chin and hands.

(two days alive)

Two days without food, Rin has succumbed. Her stomach has been complaining since she woke up, even after having been relatively quiet the day before, but after Rukia left, Rin really lost her willpower. When she went out and saw a branch full of ripe peaches hanging over a garden wall, she was done for, and if anyone happened to live there, well, too bad. She'll pay later.

She's only a little annoyed at herself. After all, the outcome, the decision she would take, was clear from the very beginning. Rin was not one giving up on life easily.

It was just: she could have gone about it with a little more grace.


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May. 15th, 2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
The thing Renji hated about Kannagara was how quiet it got when the gods weren't fucking with them. Even though Hisato was easily the most populated of all the villages, the amount of space and houses and other unoccupied buildings easily outstripped the amount of people that lived in it.

And as lazy as Renji was, he was also the sort that couldn't sit around doing nothing for too long. It was easy to get restless, in this place. Sometimes he found a spar to ease his boredom, on occasion he ran into a weak monster. Other times he just wandered around looking for a good place to nap. You couldn't be bored while you were asleep, after all.

If he weren't specifically looking for something to do, Renji might not have noticed the girl hunched over the bench shoving fruit into her mouth as if her life depended on how fast she managed to eat.

"Oi. If ya eat that fast, yer gonna make yerself sick." A beat, and then, "Trust me, I'd know."
May. 15th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
Up to now, Rin had been pretty engrossed in her task of eating, so the voice took her by surprise. It caused her to choke a little on a particularly large bit of fruit, which was a bit of a feat since the fruit was very ripe and soft. Once she'd coughed a few times, swallowed, and wiped her chin on her sleeve, she looked up.

Before her, a tall man with spiky, very red hair and a bandana. That was a face you didn't forget too soon, so she had comparatively little trouble putting a name to the visual, remembering just who he was. Right, Rukia's friend. Conscious of the picture she must provide right now, she blushed a little.

"Ah, hello... Abarai-san?" An ascending tone to that, just to make sure she'd gotten it right.
May. 19th, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
He chuckled, slightly, at her choking and coughing--reminded him a little of himself the times he would sneak food into Byakuya's office when he was supposed to be doing paperwork and got caught.

Renji hadn't immediately recognized the girl, but when she spoke, it clicked into place. He had seen one or two of her video posts but he hadn't really spoken to her enough to have been able to immediately connect the face to a name. But now that she'd spoken, he had it.

"Jus' Renji's fine. Yer...Rin, right?" They knew each other only because both knew Rukia, it seemed. It was in Renji's interest to keep tabs on the girl Rukia was willing to die for, and he knew that his captain was doing the same.
May. 24th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
Rin nodded. "That's right." She granted herself a moment to take him in properly, put his actual, physical appearance to memory and connect it to the voice and the small pictures on the Hitomi. Then, there was juice on her hand: she'd been squishing her peach a little too tightly, though it would have started to spill either way. Surreptitiously, she brought her hands to her mouth, clumsily licked the juice off and took another small bite.

As she swallowed, her face lit up with an idea. She picked up another fruit that was lying next to her on the bench and held it out to Renji. "Want one? They're very ripe." She smiled, even as a drop of sweat trickled down her temple.

It was a very warm day.
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