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Who: Vincent Nightray, Asano Rin, Jason Todd
Status: Closed
Style: Paragraph
Where: Mizusato, a street
When: Week 24, day 5
Rating: PG, I'd hope?
Warnings: Vincent is present. Otherwise, none.
Summary: Vincent takes flowers to a pretty lady, but winds up late for a meeting, and two of his various worlds collide.

Vincent is smiling as he weaves his way through the streets of Mizusato, his hands occupied with a small tastefully chosen bunch of wildflowers. He has kept his word; the flowers are found, not bought, and of modest size and color, gentle whites and yellows with not a hint of passionate red in the bunch.

Oh, he's learning how to handle this girl, the one he's looking for. And perhaps it started as a ploy for information, but now she has become a challenge, and he's determined to win her over.

But at the moment, that requires finding her, and he's not sure which one of the shops along this road is the right one, though he's pretty sure's in the right area. So walks down the street, poking his head into one after another, offering laughs and sheepish looks and waves politely as each one turns out to be the wrong one.

And then, there she is. Coming out a door practically right in front of him! He laughs, steps back off the stoop of the building he was about to enter, and calls out.

"Miss Rin!"


Jun. 13th, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
Rin's been jobless for a while, before, but she cannot stay so very idle for long, and the money isn't going to come in from nowhere, so recently, she's acquired herself a job at a potter's atelier-store. The potter in question is an elderly woman who used to make all of the ware she sold herself, and still does most of it, though recently she's given in to buying things from elsewhere to sell. She's a stubborn one, good at her craft, but age has come to simply not permit her to be as prolific as when she was younger. Yet she insists to do as much by herself as she can, and it took Rin some talking to even convince the lady to take in a helper.

Rin likes it. Her employer is a hardy sort, a little rough around the edges and often grumpy, but Rin can tell there's a soft core beneath the hard shell. She feels she herself might not be so different when she reaches that age. And though the job may not be so exciting, it's satisfying. Rin gets to watch the potter at work sometimes, when she passes through carrying things, or when another batch of earthenware is done and ready to be sold and she has to carry them to the front room to place them there in an attractive fashion. She's responsible for keeping everything in order, checking the bookkeeping, and selling things. She gets to meet people and integrate into Mizusato society.

Right now, she's just closing up the shop for the evening. It's right when she's doing that that the voice calls her name.


Familiar voice.

They've talked often enough that she recognizes the voice of Vincent, and it makes her pause and make extra sure everything is closed up properly and gives the unmistakeable impression that the shop is not currently open, because whoa, is she ever not sure she wants to deal with him. As always.

And also as always, she feels quite silly while wondering this. After all, he has never given off any definitely bad vibes, stayed just outside the realm of definite suspicion. That makes him either genuine or very cunning. Regardless, all she has to go by, as far as gut feeling goes, is a very vague feeling that something is not right here.

Though it's less that that makes her pause as the fact that she doesn't want to deal with it. Because she's had genuinely nice conversations with Vincent, and she'd really rather talk to someone without having to suspect them of anything, without that nagging but what if in the back of her head.

Oh well. She'll at least have to greet him. Wouldn't do to let on.

So she evens out her expression and turns to him with a neutral look.

"Mister Vincent. Hello." The very smallest of bows, here, and when she comes back up, she raises her eyebrow at him, signaling 'what is it?'

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