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Week 21, day 5

Who: Elfangor, Matt, and Rin
Status: closedish (Marco can feel free to swing by)
Style: Prose, past
Where: Outside of Mizusato
When: Week 21, Day 5 (not long after Peter and Sam's video)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing, as per usual
Warnings: Just said cussing.
Summary: More morphing practice, with a new recruit.

Matt knew the minute he watched Peter and that other guy's broadcast that it would be a terrible thing for Elfangor to see, but he was too late to swipe his Hitomi or attempt any tactic of outright avoidance.

He'd been sticking close to the new place in Mizusato ever since the rescue, hovering a little a lot over J, worried about the effects of her ordeal on her. It seemed as if they didn't have time to recover from one thing before the next hit. Or before something came back to haunt them.

Matt didn't have to listen to Elfangor's disconnected reply to the video, or catch all of it from down the hall. He was pretty sure he knew the gist of it.

He went to the kitchen to catch him on his paced circuit of the place (another way he was like Mello, weirdly), and caught at his arm. "Let's get outta here. C'mon."


Apr. 16th, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
"Away," Matt said, taking Elfangor's hand and interlacing their fingers, in something of an apology for his curtness.

"You don't need to be thinking about this." It worried Matt more than he wanted to admit, when Elfangor just sort of checked right out like this. What could Matt really do, after all, to help one of the strongest people he knew deal with something no one at all should've had to face? For the first time in a while, he caught himself thinking that it wasn't fair, to die and have to keep going. To be done and have shit keep happening, and, god, he wouldn't have wanted either of them to really be dead for good, not in a million years, but it was still true that people weren't meant to have to process their own damn murders.

He felt better just being outside, and if he stopped short of swiping Elfangor's Hitomi now, it was only because he had a better distraction in mind. "Didn't you say something once about teaching me to tail-fight?"


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