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Who: Raikou, Gau, Yoite, Lelouch... you?
Status: Open
Style: Action
Where: Beach near Raikou's cave, Mizusato
When: Afternoon, Week 15, Day 5
Rating: PG, probably, will update if needed?
Warnings: None yet. Gau-tantrum maybe?
Summary: Since it's Lelouch's birthday and Yoite's got missed, Raikou organizes a joint party! (aka, Raikou announces and Gau does the work)

[The teenager keeps a running monologue going as he stacks up food in his partner's arms, green eyes flashing brightly with outrage, small slender sword-calloused hands carefully maneuvering covered dishes and packages.

Once Raikou is properly burdened, Gau gathers up the last armload for himself, frowns at the way the corner of a box wrinkles his yukata, and then starts taking confident steps out of the cave, his mouth still running all the way.

The smile on his face doesn't quite match up with his words.]

How could you dump all this on me without much time to prepare? I'm so glad we had vanilla, or I couldn't have made Yoite-chan's favorite... and I don't even know what kinds of things Lelouch-san likes, and I had just enough honey to make the tarts you like, and...

[Then he stops, dead in his tracks, and turns to Raikou with a look of horror on his face.]


[A small smile threatens to curve Raikou's lips at his partner's little rant, more amused than anything as he follows the teen down to the beach, his own cream-and-lavender yukata neat despite the way Gau had stacked his arms up for their fourth trip down to the beach.]

It'll be fine, Gau. Honestly, I don't know how many people will show, but I did say food contributions would be helpful, didn't I?

[He smiles a bit more and laughs softly.]

I'm sure someone will be considerate enough to bring something...and I did let you know as soon as I could, but it was a rather spur of the moment invitation.

[Surely, someone will. And they've managed to procure plenty of drinks and a few tables borrowed from Raikou's employer and friends in the village, and enough dishes and cups and... surely, it's all going to be just fine, but Gau just has problems with last minute things sometimes.

He manages to get himself moving again, laughing a little at himself as well, and it's not a long walk to the beach, not long at all before he's unloading his arms and smoothing a hand down the front of his (borrowed) pretty green yukata.

He surveys the spread, grins a little, and draws in a deep breath.]

What do you think, Raikou? We did good?

[Raikou took a moment to survey the spread of tables and nods to himself as Gau unloads his arms, neatly organizing the last bit of food and dishes - along with the presents for them both that Raikou had tracked down as Gau worked on the food.]

Yes Gau... I think you quite outdid yourself.

[OOC note: Feel free to start threads and comment-spam away!]


Dec. 17th, 2010 09:49 pm (UTC)
[So Raikou has officially invited Rin to this party. And Rin has made clear her intention to come, so it wouldn't do not to follow up on that promise, right? Even though she is not coming alone. No, she has mentioned it to Marco, and he agreed to accompany her. They arrive together at the location.

Rin draws a deep breath and fidgets around with the cloth in her fingers, which is wrapped around a wooden box containing a variety of treats for all the participants to enjoy. She promised that too, after all.

She waves as she walks into sight of the others.]

Hello, everyone... ! It's been a while.
Dec. 18th, 2010 01:03 am (UTC)
[Marco is a party guy. He loves parties. He lives for parties. Even for the ones where all you do is eat chips and cookies on your desks in school he thrives for. He's a party animal.

So like any other teenager invited to a birthday party, he doesn't bother bringing in gifts.

He brings alcohol, like any sane person should. It's not like there are laws against that here. (One of the upsides of this place.) He walks aside with Rin, his own offers in tow.]

What, no stereo?
Dec. 22nd, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
[Raikou glances up at the latest arrivals and smiles at them both. Quick strides bring him over to stand nefore them both, where he offer a polite bow then reaches for both the food containers and the alcohol.]

Here let me take those for you, Rin-chan, Marco-kun.

[A pause and a laugh before he winks at them both.]

It's been a while since I've see you, but I'm glad you've both come! Though I agree...the lack of a stereo sucks, for lack of a better word.

[He waves behind his, a bit vaguely and shrugs a shoulder.]

Lelouch, Yoite, and Gau are around here somewhere, but I'm sure you'll find them easy enough.
Jan. 6th, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
[Rin ignores this talk of a "stereo", thank you very much. Instead, she smiles at Raikou.]

Ah, that's all right! Just show me where the food should go.

[She takes another look around the premises.]

It's good to see you all again! I hope to be catching the others at one point or another.

[If only because she would like to ask Gau a few questions. As she thinks Marco may want to, but she doesn't now. He's not always easily readable.]


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