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Who: Jessica Hamby, Dokuro Chrome, Asano Rin, Lenalee Lee
Status: Closed
Style: Action
Where: Raisato
When: Week 11, Day 5, After Dark [Backdated]
Rating: Who the hell knows in this log.
Warnings: None. I think.

[Jessica is a creature of habit of the more social kind. One of her favorite past times were to talk on the phone with friends (when her father allowed it) and going out to favorite haunts with her friends (when her father allowed it.) Over time, Jessica's long list of friends started to whittle away - some moved and others drifted away, while precisely three of them gotten pregnant and gotten disowned by their parents, and one died. In the end, there were only a select few chosen by her parents to be "good enough" for them to be Jessica's friends.

When Jessica was turned vampire, the exact number of friends became zero. None. Nada. All gone, eliminated, scratched off, dropped off at the end of the world. Sookie was nice and considerate, but she was so involved with Bill that Jessica can't really call her a friend. A contact, certainly, if Jessica needed anything but nothing else. Jessica has done her part by forgiving Sookie for being the catalyst of Jessica's transformation.

So: Jessica doesn't have any friends. Well, Matt is one, but Jessica is certain that Matt won't be staying in the "friend" category for long. (So exciting, that.) But still, Jessica needs more than just "a friend". She needs lots of friends. She's not sure why she has this need, but Jessica suppose she needs something to occupy her time now that she has forever to look forward too. Or maybe it's not that, but something deeper, something that Jessica can't grasp or understand herself.

Maybe one day, she will.

But for now, she's going shopping.]


Oct. 6th, 2010 05:06 am (UTC)

[Lenalee’s throat is suddenly dry. She would like to greet Rin properly, but finds herself preoccupied with the fact that there is a vampire standing in front of her. A vampire named Jessica, who seems perfectly nice but is a vampire.]

[Lenalee glances at Chrome, shooting her a somewhat desperate and very confused look. It seems like Jessica is here with her. They had not discussed this beforehand, and the two are talking about food. With a real blood-sucking vampire. Lenalee does her best to remain composed. Would the rose cross ward her off?]

Food sounds good. Um, so you’re coming shopping with us, Jessica?

[Smiling, not wanting to sound rude but more than a little worried. The thought that Chrome might not know that Jessica is a vampire crosses her mind. Lenalee glances at Rin. She doesn’t look scared either.]

[Lenalee comes to the conclusion that either she is the only one who knows of Jessica’s vampiric nature, or the other two women have established some sort of understanding that they are not to become food during this outing. Even then, Lenalee isn't entirely sure that she's comfortable with this.]

[... That or they just really, really like shopping and are distracted.]


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