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 Who: Roy Mustang ( snapandspark ) and Riza Hawkeye ( firebornfidelis )
Status: Closed.
Style: Past, Third Person
Where: Himorogi
When: Week 12, Day 3, after this.
Rating: PG? I guess. 
Warnings: None?

So. Ed said thirty minutes. To get anywhere. He had little idea how far he'd walked to get away, to find civilization so that he could get some answers, but those answers came second when he found that video of his Lieutenant. The things she said, the things she was wearing... there were far too many to be certain of, too many inconsistencies with the final moments he had before he'd found himself here and her own. And there was a worry there, one that didn't belong. One he no longer thought was for his sanity, but his wellbeing. What had happened? What couldn't he remember? Or, what had been put into her head to make it an issue to begin with? Roy had never really bothered too much with the why. After all, the what was all that mattered. That was what gave the answer to the inevitable why.

He'd turned around on the path, left the village he'd arrived in and headed straight back to the place he'd found himself in, that weird tree, that dream-like state that made him want to believe it was all just a dream. His feet carried him swiftly, dark eyes focused. It took that thirty minutes to return to that place, the questions about Bradley, about her, about him all fighting each other to get to the surface and none of them making it.

He found her and stopped, a short distance away and he couldn't muster up that cocky demeanor he could greet those others with. Too many questions, no idea where to start. Roy Mustang did not like being out of his element.

"Lieutenant." He finally said after a short time.


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Oct. 4th, 2010 09:36 am (UTC)
Riza heard him coming a few seconds before looking up at the sound of his voice. And in the thirty minutes that passed between first seeing his face on the device the others called the hitomi and looking up to see him now.

She had taken a seat on the ground again while waiting for him. She didn't like it, just standing there inactive, but it was what he had asked her and it did make sense. Technically she was still injured (though she couldn't see her own neck to know what the doctors had done she could feel the tiny stitches through the gauze) and she had no weapon. It was logical for him to come and get her, but that didn't mean she was fond of the scenario. She didn't like the thought of him wandering around this strange place without her to watch his back.

Now he was here. She breathed out a little in relief and pulled herself tiredly to her feet, making as little show of supporting herself on the tree as possible. She could handle herself, bloodloss and all. She had proven that in the fight against the father homunculus.

"Colonel," she acknowledged, meeting his eyes. She didn't move, remembering the gray emptiness that had been his eyes the last time she had seen him, as she was being taken in to the hospital. It was gone now, his eyes their customary black, but she still wasn't convinced this wasn't a dream.
Oct. 5th, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
Hawkeye could hide a lot of things, even from him, but he always knew when something wasn't right, even if he couldn't place it right away. He never did question it immediately, determined to find out on his own, but he wasn't sure he could place it, even if he sat there and studied her all day. Mostly, the confusion, the words of her being in the hospital, of Bradley's end, that things had happened and he did not know, did not remember, certainly didn't help his deductive skills.

A dream or not, she was living, breathing, despite the injury she had possibly sustained. Why would his mind make up something so out of place? It wasn't as if she had any injury similar at the moment their memories seemed to diverge. Then again, psychology hadn't been his expertise. Interpreting dreams was more fitting for a crazy man, like Hughes.

He loosed a breath slowly, calmly. "You look like hell, Lieutenant." No, she wasn't that bad, but considering what he remembered, she was in worse shape. "So. Tell me everything you remember."
Oct. 6th, 2010 01:03 am (UTC)
She grit her teeth and bit back a sharp 'Thank you, sir' because really, she supposed she couldn't look very good, heavy and bedraggled as she felt. And if he didn't remember any of the things that had happened, then her appearance would be a surprise to him. She took a breath and refused, for the moment, to allow herself to consider what might have happened to him to make him forget.

"We were in the underground, sir, the two of us and Edward and Scar. After Envy died" - without a blink or a flinch she said it - "we found our way to a large open chamber. The alchemist doctor we found there was determined to get you to perform human transmutation and called down several soldier-swordsmen to assist him in convincing you. Apparently he thought if by threatening my life you might be made to comply. My throat was cut by one of said soldiers" - this too did not change her even tone - "and I was allowed to nearly bleed out. You did not acquiesce. However, Bradley and Selim appeared and forced you to perform human transmutation against your will and the Gate took... your sight." Only now did she waver, the slightest sound of worry coloring her tone.

She took a breath.

"Fuhrer Bradley was defeated in a fight with Scar. The homunculus calling itself Father was defeated by Edward with some help from you and Von Hohenheim and the other alchemists. Alphonse sacrificed himself to get Edward's arm back and Edward sacrificed his ability to do alchemy to bring Alphonse back. In his human body.

"It was after that I went to the hospital, sir, and then woke up here." She paused, hesitated and searched his face for any sign of returning memory. "You don't recall any of this, sir?"
Oct. 12th, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
Human transmutation? Of course he wouldn't. He'd thought about it--what alchemist didn't think at one point or another in their lives to do the unthinkable? The forbidden? His had been beyond the curiosity of a boy, an inexperienced man but a grieving friend, but if those had any foundation, he wouldn't have been standing there.

And the way she spoke, as if it was perfectly normal to be cut, to nearly die. No, it's on... his sight? Trust Hawkeye to screw up her priorities.

He frowns a little bit more. He can see the sky, the trees, her face and the grass. He can see the device and the ones who spoke to him through it. How could he see, if what she said had happened? Bradley's downfall, the homunculus called Father, his sight and her being in the hospital. Why couldn't he remember all of those important details? They were things one couldn't forget.

It didn't make sense. He wanted to remember. He wanted to know this. It was as if a small chunk of his life had been snatched away. But Edward had said some strange things. Things that set warning bells off. Ed didn't mention his brother in human flesh. Ed didn't mention anything about this homunculus or Bradley's defeat. He didn't even mention Hohenheim. Something wasn't adding up and he intended to get to the bottom of it.

"Sounds like a happy ending." It didn't quite hit that happy mark one would expect from that statement. Not even a smirk. Frustrating. He was absolutely frustrated.

The silence fell, taking a few extra moments to search his memory beyond the death of Envy, beyond those moments that were already a blur at best. "None of it. I don't remember any of it. The homunculus, Envy. His death is the last thing I recall."
Oct. 13th, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
The fight with Envy... She could feel her throat tighten and her heart pound a little just at the memory. She had been more scared in those moments, holding the gun to the back of his head, than she had ever been in her life before. It made her almost ill to remember, and she knew just how much of that madness in him was her own fault. Because she had handed him a power that could drive a good man insane, even if it was only for a few minutes.

But he had been brought back. He had been returned to his senses, thanks to Edward and Scar and the things they said to him. And maybe thanks to her own weak desperate pleas a little, too.

But... all the things that had happened after that, he couldn't remember? She knew it wasn't a dream, if for no other reason than the cut on her throat. That was real, if nothing else was. She was more sure of the things she remembered, of supporting the Colonel and directing his flames, of seeing Alphonse's frail body returned. Of the Colonel's eyes, empty, gray and unseeing.

But looking up at him now, his eyes were normal. She knew he was being just as honest as she was - that telling tone of frustration in his voice would have been enough to know that, even if she didn't know him as well as she did - and she didn't know how to reconcile both their truths in her mind.

"I don't understand it, sir," she said softly. "But I don't think Edward remembers any of it either."
Oct. 22nd, 2010 02:01 am (UTC)
No. It didn't make any sense. There wasn't anything that made a connection. He'd know if he hit his head and Riza's state, her information--none of that she would be capable of falsifying. She wasn't the type to lie, to play pranks. None of it made any sense whatsoever and despite his frustration, that realization, the reminder that Ed seemed different himself seemed to help staunch that frustration.

When he remembered Ed and Scar, blocking the path to his quarry, there was maturity there. There were 'years of experience', enough to prove he'd grown up, separated himself from that naive child Roy had been quick to protect as much as he was able. But the Ed here was young, still a bit 'wet behind' the ears. And he had claimed he was here for a while already. A dream would explain all the inconsistencies with his memory, but Hawkeye and all of that information was not something he was capable of fabricating. Especially something regarding his sight. He didn't have that much of an imagination.

"No, I don't think he does. Did you get a look at him?" Roy pulled himself out of that pit of annoyance and confusion, set himself on figuring things out. There wasn't any time to be wallowing in it--they had to figure out the truth. And, if, in the end it was a dream, at least he did something interesting. "He isn't the same. Did he say anything funny to you?"
Oct. 24th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)
"I did see him. On this, at least." She gestured to the machine, the 'hitomi.' That thing that looked like it should be on Fuery's desk, like a device the bespectacled officer toyed with between repairing radios and filing reports. An impossible little thing. "He looks so... young."

What had he said to her? She closed her eyes and tried to straighten her thoughts out. She could still feel the medicine in her body, fogging her head. The last thing she needed was to be feeling the aftereffects of sedation right now. But there was something she remembered.

"Colonel, he said the last thing he remembered was the incident at Lab 5. That was before we were even transferred back to Central." Before even Lieutenant Colonel Hughes was killed. That seemed like half a lifetime ago, now. So much had happened since that, because of that. "How can that be when we both just saw him, long after that?"
Oct. 31st, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
"Lab 5." That was so long ago, back before everything went to hell and Hughes found himself in a world of trouble. Before that kid lost that naive spark in his eye. Before everything they did was life or death. He couldn't say if it was better for Ed or not. If he didn't know anything, he wouldn't tell him, but didn't they run into that problem before? How bothersome.

"You thought I was blind. You said Bradley was dead, yet I don't remember any of it. Had I been the only one behind, I'd be worried, but now..." Now, they had three people on separate 'timelines', a term he used only because it seemed to be perfect to describe the situation. Now, there was something wrong than simply a possible bump on the head. If he were to believe this was reality, then something else had happened. They simply had to find out what.

He looked over at her, expression easing. They weren't going to get their answers standing here, pitching far-fetched ideas off of each other. "In any case, there's no point in standing around here. I found a nice place for us to stay in for a while. Can you make it?"
Nov. 1st, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
She almost wanted to correct him. She hadn't 'thought' he was blind, he had been blind. She remembered his eyes, and the way he turned his head toward the sound of her voice as if he were searching for her, the way his arm felt heavy around her, like he was afraid if he couldn't feel her he might lose his link to the world outside of darkness.

She should just have let herself be glad that he wasn't blind. And she was, but there was part of her that was afraid to accept it, because if she let herself believe then it would be that much worse if it did turn out to be a dream. If she woke again in the hospital and this tree and his dark sharp eyes were all something she had imagined in her sleep.

"Yes, sir," she said, standing away from the tree. "I'll make it." It didn't really matter how far, she would make it. She could feel her head slowly slowly beginning to clear of the medication she'd been given and though she still felt weak, she would make it. She had made it through the last battle for the country without falling down and that had been before she'd been seen to, so she had no intention of giving in to weakness now. "I can still follow you."
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