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[ Log ] Training

Who: Abarai Renji (hangingdogstray) and Asano Rin (revengeisalie)
Status: Closed/Ongoing
Style: Action
Where: Some random field outside Hisato
When: Week 8 Day 5 [backdated]
Rating: PG-13 at highest
Warnings: Violence, possibly blood

[Oh, this brought back memories. It was almost like being back in the Soul Society with Ikkaku. Seemed like it was only the other day, really.

Please...teach me how to fight.

Only this time, he was the instructor. Rin's request had come as a bit of a surprise, and it'd be strange working with someone who didn't at least go through the Academy training, but hell. There was no 'right' way to teach fighting, after all. In a real battle, all that mattered was survival. He could teach her that much pretty damn well.

Renji waits outside Hisato as stated, sword already drawn. It should only be a few minutes before Rin arrives. Her enthusiasm was definitely a good first step. He's looking forward to this more than he has much of anything in a long time.]


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Jul. 17th, 2010 12:52 am (UTC)
[Renji can't help chuckling when Rin arrives, panting and out of breath, and promptly bows at him. He'd bowed at Ikkaku when asking to be trained, too. And her earnestness was just a bit amusing. It was a little like Gau's, he thinks. (Where was that kid anyway? He hadn't seen him around in a while.)]

Hey, Rin.

[Spoken casually with a light raise of his free hand that tells her not to worry about the formalities. It's not that he isn't used to being bowed to either--as the lieutenant of Squad Six, he got quite a bit of it from lower seated and unseated officers.

Renji just doesn't care much about ranks or titles, or even think much about his own significance save for (often drunken) posturing with old eleventh division buddies.]


[He raises his sword and points it at her, signaling her to unsheathe her weapon.]
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