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[Log] Week 4, Day 5. Wave 1.

Who: Rin (revengeisalie), Joker funnierthanthou
Status: On-going; Open to: Marco's Wave. Don't know who this is? Check out the planning post! As far as I know, it's Marco, Itachi, L, Light, and Amelia.
Style: Prose
Where: Outside Kusasato
When: Week 4, Day 5, Mid-day
Rating: NC-17 for Graphic Violence and Sexual Innuendo

Please Note: This log is CLOSED to only Joker and Rin until the following sentence is bolded and italic'd in a tag by Joker.

That line is,

And now, if only there were the calvary.

Until then, we ask that no other tags be entered! It shouldn't take much longer than tomorrow (April 18th)'s morning.

By the hair, he dragged her the thirty miles to just outside of Kusasato. He'd been conspicuously silent the whole way, only pausing to send a message via Hitomi to the waiting Uchiha Itachi - a location, a place, an idea. Her consciousness he wasn't sure of. He'd make sure to wake her if it'd gone. Her blood-loss he hoped not fatal. He'd be sure to regret so soon a collapse. However, he made sure to bring her injured shoulder and foot in constant contact with the dirt he dragged her upon, hand knotted and re-knotted in those brown locks of hers again and again and again, occasionally yanking the follicles as tight as he could, coming free with a fistful of Rin.

He threw her into the tall grasses of Kusasato's outlands, bloody, mostly naked body lay before him. It was boring. She was mostly defeated. So it went, {to push too fast [the opening was magical] but the good had gone so soon} so soon, so soon the good had gone in their love and hate and now the uppity, vulnerable bitch, shot twice in an unsanitary environment, had been tossed before him in tall waist-high grasses. He watched her through lidded eyes, gun set against his cheek.

"Now what to do, what to do,"

He murmured against the bullet, rubbing his scarred cheek along the hilt.

"You just seem so pathetic... so miserable... do you want a hug?" His voice stressed and bent, but it remained in an impassive, taunting boredom.

Maybe she'd try for a fight.

That might be of interest...

Maybe he'd use his nails to claw into her back.

That'd be sort of fun.

Maybe he'd just shove the gun in her mouth and set the trigger by her teeth and see how many times he could punch her before it accidentally triggered.

Too complicated; but one day, he'd have to try it. Maybe on Harley, if he ever saw the bitch again.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
Joker looked from his victim, now seeming so hardened -- ah, wasn't it the truth? Even if Gordon had been a tough-nut to crack, the truth of it was, everyone went a little crazy if the right day came by -- to the sky.


Now that's interesting.

He'd never thought he'd see a hunk of metal hanging from a string here. Was it hanging from a string? Maybe flying? How bizarre. He wondered how much artillery it would take to shoot it down. Maybe he'd ask Yukari when he was alive again (because truly, who could expect to survive such useless heroics in an environment like this, a limited place with no place to hide, with a permanent GPS on you) to see if she couldn't take it down, just for kicks? Hm.

Focus! He had better things to do, like - he took the few steps it required through the weeds and reeds to kneel before her. "Hey, now, I asked you a question! Do you always ignore questions? Are you always so rude and uppity? That's why this is happening, you know." He slid one finger into the pussing wound on her foot, into the warm bone and muscle and damage - "You were just so damn careless, so damn loud and forceful, I couldn't help it! I wanted to drive you batty." Then another finger into the wound. "Now, now, don't be too sad about it. It's not like you can help being a psychopath's wet dream, can you? I just hope that one day you'll be a psychopath yourself, and grow up mighty and pristine in my world."

His fingers spread open, parting layers of bleeding flesh.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 04:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, really.

She was going this route.

Silence was just so bothersome... It didn't provide any entertainment. Yes, he'd definitely used this one up. Meeting with the wrist-stabber would be a joy compared to this dishrag pathetic piece of -

"Going to play hard to get, are we?"

He tore his fingers towards her toes, physically dragging her by the wound.

"I put all of my time and effort into you, even my life into you, and you want to play stubborn! Admit it, you're changing, you're scarred! That's all you'd have to do, and maybe I'd even let them spare you!" He throws her foot down, bloody fingers free of it, and he reaches that same bloody hand to her forehead, smattering the debris along her skin. "Now, don't be such an idiot."
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
"Of course!" There it was! The joy returned in his countenance as he loomed over her, and drew a smiley face out of her own blood on her cheek. "You'd live to fight another soddy, teenage day!" A bright, pearly grin. Of course, no one here, no one, would ever pemanently die; he was partially sure of that; but her fear of death was what made her so special. So fun. So unique. He was back to adoring his pretty little prey and her pretty little problems and her pretty little pain, back to reveling in her screams and tears.

"All you'd have to do is go a bit crazy." A deal. He could strike one.

He always could.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 05:43 pm (UTC)

He'd won. She was so reduced that she'd do the inexplicable. Of course she had to know he wouldn't follow through with his deal; Joker wasn't stupid, of all things he wasn't stupid; and this one had to have known that he was going to just trick her, expect from her, kill her anyway, and here she was, writhing like a worm, wriggling like a wretch beneath his feet, and the wench was willing and able to waddle for her goals.

She'd not get out. She'd never get out.

She had to know that {to know that [he was a welcher by nature (a technicality god) a fiend and a faker] a freaking } had to know that, right? Had to be aware?

Delicious, {presentable} Rin. "That's a girl. Your life is meaningless, you're driven to the bottom. It's terrible, a fraud, a lie -"

And now, if only there were the calvary.
Apr. 18th, 2010 06:02 pm (UTC)
The most dangerous fact of of the Animorphs is that they can be anything.


One minute they are a bird, a roach, a stray cat. The next: a gorilla, a tiger, a bear . . .

By then, it'll be too late.

Marco knows that if he wanted to, he'll make Rukia track him down. But there's no time to re-adjust the plan for her sake. Everything is in motion. If she does it right, then there's enough people for the dragnet.

If everything goes right, then hopefully the reaction will happen right now, encouraging Marco's "defeat".

You're smart, Joker. But I'm smarter.

Now, as an osprey with the land below him with all the tall grass (perfect setting) and he sees Rin. With his raptor's eyes, he can tell that if nothing is done quickly, then Rin will die.

Marco is high, high above them. He folds his wings and dive, extending his talons. Forty-miles per hour, Marco is a visible, white bullet, fast, too fast for a normal human to react. He has the urge to rakes his talons against the Joker's head, curved knives stabbing into his skull.

But later. Later. An osprey doesn't fare well with bullets.

Instead he flies past Joker's head, a white and black blur as he flares his wings and touches the ground. He immediately starts to demorph - he becomes bigger, larger, a human-osprey, Wings shift and change into human arms. Talons are melting and distorting into human feet and toes. His beak melts into human lips.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
Her joy is the key.

Joker flares to his feet, and whirls, hand in her hair, body dragged about to his front. He'll come back.

He will always come back.

Whoever it is, that kid - that kid? That bastard kid, with the Bats? It's him? Perhaps he is the Bats. Perhaps it's Hush, hiding there, blended in, put to use, Clayface, built a new body, built a new mind, someone new, someone new, someone different, this child, through the grasses, weaving through, weaving through, this one killed it, killed her

kill her kill her

not worth keeping her around, is it? not worth keeping her present he

pulls her skull to the gun
he presses muzzle to flesh
to the smattering of red along the exterior
he should blow it off,
and he will squeeze the trigger and kill her, and drop her body to the side, a limp rag.
Apr. 18th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
Marco finishes demorphing. He brushes the tall grass away as he takes a few, carefully-thought-out steps toward the two. He tries not to wince as he steps on something sharp. Barefoot and wearing only bike shorts. He really needs to find something better around here.

"It's either really good luck or really bad luck that I just happen to find you two. Either way, I suppose." Marco looks at Joker straight in the eye and good god, the cartoon and the comics make him look better. This guy is uglier than a Taxxon's butt. "Who knew that wanting to find better real estate would get me to a psychopath and his latest suicide attempt."

(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2010 07:12 pm (UTC)

And there she goes.

{Nothing from that one. The Uchiha. He's the one, isn't he?}

"Cute. You practice your superhero quotes regularly?" How many bullets now? Two. How many calvary? Who knew. This one probably had allies. This one was the type, wasn't he? The Justice League type, filled to the brim of characters and smiles and giggles.

Joker, standing behind the corpse, gives it a quick kick as his smile is multiplied by four, arms extended to his sides, gun hanging on a finger. Oh this one. He wants to kill him. He wants to kill him.

But he has two bullets.

The frustration brings a vein pulsating in his white forehead. "Real enough for you yet, ah? AH? AHAHA, REAL ENOUGH FOR YOU YET!" He suddenly falters, bends over double, long, lanky body falling into slapstick hysterics. "Oh, what a jibe! What a rich gander! Too late, hero-boy!"
Apr. 18th, 2010 07:42 pm (UTC)
But Marco knows reality well enough.

He sees the brain matter splattering all over the grass. It's not so different from seeing ripped Hork-Bajir flesh, really. But Rin. Rin. She didn't need to die like that, even though he knew that the moment Itachi told him over the network that he has no restraints, Rin might die. Marco can't stop it. He doesn't have a morph - save the allergic yoma morph - that is fast enough to stop a bullet. Well, the cobra maybe, but the cobra is out.

Marco decides to hate this man. Mostly because well, there's no need for this in the first place and secondly, it's what the Joker wanted. Marco knows enough now. Unless Batman comes - and if he does Marco is going to kick his ass - these two are mortal enemies. He looks at the Joker coldly. He doesn't say anything, but the expression says, "You know nothing."

Because he doesn't.

Because Joker thinks Marco is a hero.

Marco is not a hero.

Marco is an animal.

Marco is simply fighting for survival. There are no heroes in survival. There are no heroics in animals.

Watching this pathetic excuse for a animal, wretching over, laughing, giggling and snorting not unlike a pig would, makes Marco feel sick.

Wait . . .

Marco does feel sick. Suddenly he is hit with a such a state of nausea that he bends over as well. The world is slightly spinning. Everything distorted.

Marco realizes that it's happening. The very thing that he's hoping for - the reaction is happening. Yes.

"You're right," Marco wheezes out. "I'm quite sick in the head as you. I think it's called Hero-itis. It's when I do something so crazy that I might as well call it heroic, right? That's what I got. A nervous disorder. Lunacy. Just like you, but you are worse off, I think."

He can feel the yoma's mind boiling up inside Marco's. It wants to eat the Joker. But Marco resisted. A kid is nothing compared to a gun. BUT IT WANTS GUTS SO BAD, SO BAD SO BAD . . .

Marco gives out a snarling sound. He raises his his claws - hands, hands, human hands, hands, claw, claw, YOMA CLAWS - and starts to drool and makes growling sounds.

"Before, you are the predator," Marco says quietly as he's able to gain control but starts to grow. The yoma is starting to grow out of Marco's back. "But this time, you're going to be the prey."

Marco can feel his feet changing, something with claws. He turns slightly green. He doesn't know what is happening, but he can hear the yoma screaming as it's starts to emerge from Marco's shoulder. Marco looks down to his arm and sees blades emerging. Hork-Bajir blades. Blades of a herbivore. He intended to morph T-Rex, but this would do.

Ironic, really. Marco is becoming a peaceful herbivore to kill Joker.
Apr. 18th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
Amelia had been waiting for Marco to do his not-quite-lycanthropy thing to jump in without risk of getting shot. She had wanted to do something more direct, but Marco had a point -- she was the only healer and was fast enough to get Miss Rin away.

When she first heard the bullet, she took a step forward, already casting her flight spell, until she saw that the bullet had been aimed at Miss Rin's head and nearly retched. If it had been anything else, she might just go ahead and make a dash for it, hoping her healing spell would work faster than the bleeding out. But not even Resurrection could deal with a head wound like that.

"You... you villain!" The words came out without her even thinking about it, and Amelia realized she just became a secondary target... at least until Marco finished doing his change. She quickly switched her reywing spell to levitation -- it would be barely faster than she could do on foot, but allow her to get out of range of the ground while using some of her weaker spells. To lay down cover fire if Marco needed it.

Or, to be honest, because she wanted Joker to die. How dare he! This wasn't supposed to be how it went at all!

[OOC: Amelia is a moving target, so aiming at her might be difficult, even without Marco and the youma, but she also is used to early firearms, that probably have less of a range.]
Apr. 18th, 2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
What the Hell is he doing.

Joker's gun arm drops to his side. First, there's a flying metal thing above his head, nothing like an airplane, just sort of there, then the bitch is a downright disappointment - {what good is torturing someone if you don't cum out of it?} - and then there is this kid who thinks he's clever growing a thing out of his back.

"Really." He states once, chin locking, lips forming a thin smirk, eyes blank. Really, now. "Honestly, I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to react to this. Utter terror or perhaps masturbatory confusion? If I'm a comic book, the script-writers must be on strike or something, because this is just loony!" He throws his hands up, spinning the gun on index finger, before setting them on his hip.

Might as well see what the growing thing was.

What a let down this whole experience was turning out to be, really. Transformation wasn't any fun unless it was some sort of Joker Venom doing it, honestly!


Oh, well then.

Now there was a new one on top of it. Hands up, gun in palm, he cocked a half-hearted grin. "Ah, sweetheart, Heroine! My apologies!" He slid his fingers to his shoulders, splaying dirty nails. "Were you expecting anything less?"
Apr. 18th, 2010 08:50 pm (UTC)
Goddamn it. When did she come from? Whatever. Marco might be needing back-up. The yoma is almost out with it's legs and arms. Marco himself is rapidly changing as well.

Marco's human feet re-arranged into smaller, tyrannosaur-like feet, feet meant for digging into tree bark and jumping from tree to tree. Used them in another way, one kick can disembowel a full grown human. It's knee blades start to grow out of Marco's knees and shins. Those were meant for scrapping off tree bark. Use them in another way, and they can stab a human in the gut.

He grows taller, several feet taller. His torso grows longer. He can feel having another heart appearing inside. Muscles build upon muscles. He can feel his arms becoming stronger. Blades start to emerge. Elbow blades. Wrist blades. Three blades each. Originally used to scrap off tea bark, again, because that is all they eat.

Use them in another way, they can slice a Joker's head off as fast as an eye can blink.

Marco's neck grows long, about as long as his upper torso. Snake-like. Marco's mouth is pushed forward to something beak like with a dinosaur's face. With three blades growing out of his head.

He can feel a terrible slurping sensation, as though his guts were being ripped out but without the pain. The yoma rejection is almost complete -

then he hears a large thud.

It's done. The hereth illint - Andalite for burping DNA - is complete.

So now there's a seven-foot-tall Hork-Bajir, a really ugly, naked yoma, a flying bigmouth and a lunatic.

What a freakshow circus this coming out to be.

Now in morph, Marco sends out in private thought-speak to only Amelia and Bob can hear, in the hopes that he's around.
{Bob, this is Marco in morph. Rin is dead. I'm with Joker right now, and Amelia's in. Joker hasn't run off yet, but we'll make sure he will.}

He turns his bird-like head to Amelia, thought-speak still private to themselves: {Amelia, try to scare Joker off with your magic. We need him to start running away so the trap will be set. I'll take care of the yoma.]

And with that, with a blur of Hork-Bajir speed, he swings his bladed arm toward the yoma's neck but knowing very well it won't connect. Yoma are very quick, about as quick as a Hork-Bajir in close combat.

After all, that's the entire plan.

For Marco to fail to kill Joker. To focus more on the yoma.

Life is a stage.

For a human, that is.
Apr. 18th, 2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
Amelia could accept thought-speak. Telepathy was a rare gift for mages, and nothing Amelia had encountered before, but it was something she had heard of at least. The monster Marco-lizardman-thing was fighting was more of a surprise, but... well, she'd worry about that once Joker was gone.

Focus, Amelia. Marco had to have a plan. He sounded like he had a plan. Which meant she couldn't just smack Joker around and risk getting shot, or head off and just fireball him from a distance. She had to play this as a team, instead of being a lone hero. She paused, considering a spell.

She held up her hands, focusing on the spell's incantation. Flare Bit was a weak fire spell -- it would hurt to be hit by it, but shouldn't be lethal -- but it did create a number of embers that covered a wide area. With a gesture, she sent the embers flying out, to cover the area -- and trying to not hit Marco. Hopefully, without a way of shielding, Joker would look for cover.

"There's more where that came from!" She couldn't try Miss Lina's decoy-Fireball trick, since this guy might not even realize what she could do. People with magic didn't use guns. She might have to just use a real spell and count on a dodge.
Apr. 18th, 2010 09:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, now, this was fascinating. What the hell was it? He wished he had a camera! Take a picture! He had to figure out how to make a version of this kid back home, popping out monster-babies from the back and morphing up all good and tall -- once he had his lab equipment, he'd be set. No one could feesibly topple someone with something like that, at least not back in Gotham. Then again, Bats had somehow jimmy-rigged an encounter with the Hulk --

The idea brings a frown to his face, not the actual action. He's realized early that the Heroes would be in trouble. After all, monster babies do tend to want to eat their mamas! Perhaps a bad side-effect for a morphing henchman. He'd have to think about that. Ah, well.

{Get out while you still can -}

Two bullets left, Joker pulls up, about to slip through the grass (maybe onto the airship? {don't be foolish, probably more heroes there...}) and suddenly -- fire?


"Oh c'mon!" He ducks out another few fireballs. "Don't you guys know how to fight fair? Really! Monsters, fire, it's all too much!"

Fine, one bullet left. He'd take out the seven-foot monstrosity while he was dodging the tits-monster's reign of terror. She seemed uninterested in hitting him, and thus he was uninterested in hitting her...

But this one. He aimed his sights on Marco, Marco-whatever-, Marco-hero-face-whatever-seven-foot-tall-thing- and set to pull the trigger.
Apr. 19th, 2010 12:33 am (UTC)
All at once, there is a burst of crows' wings, and Itachi materializes. Perhaps he should have come in sooner. Perhaps he should have helped the girl, who is now dead (dead, at their feet, like his mother had been years ago), a stain of blood on the ground -- one more life taken -- one more life. What is that weapon -- what is that weapon which caused her skull to explode? Itachi has never seen anything of its nature. Died. Like trash. Like human garbage, kicked aside. Another one.

Itachi's concern in this moment is for the other two. Wherever this woman came from, he is inclined to question her capabilities based on the tone of her voice (she sounds far too given to emotions), and the boy is not maintaining his composure. He rages far too easily. He is out of control. Anyone could see that. Out of control. Sprouting monsters. Becoming monsters -- but ah, that is something Itachi has plenty of experience with (You could lose yourself to the force of it.) This boy is losing control of himself. Becoming a monster in the face of a monster: in more ways than one. Is this success? Is this how it is supposed to go? Itachi takes a moment to send the coordinates to Sasuke.

((((Bob? What does that mean? Is this a code word? Itachi is not certain, but he assumes this message is for him. It enters his mind. Like a flutter of wings. Well, he does not answer in words, but hopefully they can see him now.))))

It was the weapon that brought him out. That makes him run forward.

( The arm that he took out -- the arm hanging uselessly by his side -- his left arm, but his right is still strong, and he reaches for the kunai, reaches with his right arm -- if he can just take hold, if he can just take aim, throw, focus, perfect focus is needed, but that fire is before his eyes, reflecting off tomoe -- )

Edited at 2010-04-19 12:38 am (UTC)
Apr. 19th, 2010 01:58 am (UTC)

at first


is it batman? is he here? did he come? the lure, the trap, making a scene, did it work did it work has he made his mark yet has it been big enough yet usually a little girl in distress is enough has it worked has it

No, it's him, the Other Bats, the one who wants to drives his hand off, the one who wants to play pet-me games and jerk-off the competition, that one, that one right there, and Joker, lip curled, eyes flaring, raises his gun

and wants to blow more than just his head off. The jerk of surprise had been too rewarding.

Now the jerk of the barrel would match the pain.

Apr. 19th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)

( He is running, and the knife -- the knife -- in the air, now --

No, not in the air. Still in his hand. A noise. A noiseanoise filling his eardrums and (underestimated, he . . . ) and a jolt of something. A jolt to the face. A shot of pain. Itachi had been, had been, had not been expecting; no, his feet are not moving, suddenly, and the pain, like the knife again.

Warm. Wet. On his face. Vision blurs on one side; world goes half-bleary. A wet, bleary, foggy, ((rain-soaked)) world, and -- )

His eye is made of shutters on the window.

His eye goes out.

Absolute darkness. ( The darkness is returning. The world is going back to the way it was before. )

He stops.

Is stopped.

Has stopped.

Pulls his hand down.

One red eyes sees red.

That is unfortunate, Itachi thinks. That is unfortunate, losing an eye. That will inhibit his Sharingan-based attacks. That is indeed a pity. He may need to use Mangekyou, after all. (But not yet.)

"Ah," he says. "I suppose you 'got me,' as it is commonly said."

Edited at 2010-04-19 02:13 am (UTC)
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Apr. 19th, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)
Guts. That is what is at the forefront of the yoma's mind right now. He doesn't know what is happening, where he came from, how he got here, anything at all except - there is the smell of blood in the air. And nothing else is important.

It howls its confusion and rage, spinning to take in each target. One man, with a strange scarred face and a stringy . Another who appears in a burst of black crows - a fellow yoma, he is sure, and then another still, covered in blades. A cooling corpse of what was once surely a truly delicious girl. And -

there. The yoma shrieks again, and barrels towards the blue-hair girl at full speed, slaver dripping from its mouth, jaws open wide and ready to take a chunk of warm meat.
Apr. 19th, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)

Marco runs after the yoma full-tilt in bounding leaps. {Amelia, get some altitude!} He nears the yoma, blades flashing. He gets close enough to swipe it's back, to distract it.

BAM! With his wrist blades, he strikes. A shallow cut.
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