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Week 34 | Day 3

Who: Leo Baskerville and Vincent Nightray
Style: Starting prose but I'll follow you Leca
Where: Flourite home in Amesato
When: An hour or two after this dream update
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Mild insanity perhaps.
Summary: Leo has a plan and he’s going to act on it. There’s just one person he needs a little help from so it’s time for Leo to lay out his plans to Vincent. Oh. And give him something to give to Elliot before he goes…

Things have been horribly complicated the last few days and now it's becoming even more so. But Leo doesn't intend to simply leave things as they are without saying something first. But there's only one person he feels he can go to... someone who has not betrayed his trust and someone who can still make good use of, when the time came that he would need it.

"Hmm... and things will keep changing."

Leo is muttering to himself, but there's a strange smile on his face. It isn't happy... not truly. But it is a smile of relief, almost. Things will change, yes. He wants to help make them change... in the proper way.

There's a small package in his hand for Elliot. Leo holds it gently, yet firmly. He doesn't want to let it go. It's important.

It's just one of the things he needs Vincent to help him with.

Who: Yuui Flourite and Anyone Else
Status: Open!
Style: Starts Prose, Past tense, but can be action/any tense
Where: Their home in Amesato
When: Backdated to pre-dawn on Week 34, Day 2, directly following Fai's death
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death and a mild case of insanity
Summary: Because of Fai's deal with Elliot's chain, he dies when Elliot does. This starts out as an accidental video, but is a log since all interactions will be action threads.

...everything fades to white.Collapse )

[Week 33, Day 5]

Who: Matt and Elfangor
Status: Closed
Style: Prose
Where: Just outside of Mizusato
When: Week 33, day 5, evening
Rating: PG? (Knowing these two, rating is likely to change)
Warnings: None (yet)
Summary: Continuing from the action thread here.

take me to your heart, for it's there that I belong, and we'll never partCollapse )
Who: Aurican and YOU
Status: Very much open
Style: Action
Where: Anywhere!
When: Week 33, Day 7
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Aurican being - no, no, no warnings at all.
Summary: Aurican been exploring. Here is a day of Aurican's activities.  Also, check out his permission page just so I won't step on anyone's toes!

[ Aurican goes by many forms - an old man, usually, or small animals like dogs and eagles, peering at those who pass him. The gold dragon would have taken the form of the natives, forehead mark and all, but he fears that might cause some trouble down the path. Instead, he assumes a form similar to Patersmith, an form Darlantan that will make him proud, should he had lived his battle to see Aurican can now. So now this is his most favored form, changing only to a simple beast should he rather fly or run to another destination without notice.

It is rare to find him in his normal body, large and golden and mighty. But if you are lucky, just so, you might encounter him.  ]

[ ooc: To those who want to encounter Aurican in human form, I'll be using goldballadeer for the human tags. ]


Who: Rin, Alice & Cheshire
Status: Closed
Style: Third-Person?
Where: Himorogi
When: Week 33, Day 5 [ this is backdated btw]
Rating: PG for now~
Warnings: Angsty things and possibly language?
Summary: Rin heads to the Himorogi to have some time to himself away from the natives and finds... a sleeping girl and her pet cat now-human companion~

A peace of mind is hard to findCollapse )

[Week 33 | Day 5] The Light You Seek

Who: Teito & Frau
Status: Closed
Style: Prose, Present tense
Where: Himorogi and eventually Hisato
When: Week 33, Day 5
Rating: PG?
Warnings: mild language?
Summary: Teito goes to retrieve a certain Bishop from Himorogi, even though he doesn't fully understand how they're connected.

...will blind thine eyes.Collapse )

Who: Yukimi, Harry
Status: Closed
Style: Prose, Present tense
Where: Yomisato
When: Week 33, Day 5
Rating: PG?
Warnings: none
Summary: Beer drinkers.

Pub crawlCollapse )
Who: Elfangor
Status: Closed (solo log)
Style: Prose
Where: The house in Mizusato
When: Week 33, day 5
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: The Ellimist meddles, and Elfangor is canon-updated.

When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets, leave something to remember, so they won't forget I was hereCollapse )
Who: Matt and Mello
Status: Closed
Style: Prose
Where: The house in Mizusato
When: Week 33, day 4
Rating: PG
Warnings: presumably language
Summary: Matt's overdue sharing some bad news.

we're both broken in our own little waysCollapse )
Who: Anyone living at the Flourite House, visiting, or who wants a visit from Vince?
Status: OPEN
Where: Flourite House, Amesato (and around town)
When: Week 33, Day 3 --> Week 33, Day 7
Rating: PG-13 (will edit if this changes)
Summary: Apparently, the Pandora Hearts cast never runs out of kitties. After murdering Alice-kitty as revenge for his brother's death, Vincent finds himself kittenified as well. He'll be out running around town some, but he's of course still going to bed down at the Flourite house that has been his home for some time.
Warning: Vincent Nightray.

Dark deeds have adorable consequences...Collapse )


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